Who We Are

The Minaki Cottagers Association is an Ontario non-profit corporation, organized in 2005.  It is dedicated to the nurturing and enhancement of the Minaki area’s unique environment, including its setting on the Winnipeg River system, while respecting and supporting sensible land uses that benefit seasonal and year-round residents and businesses.

Since the fall of 2010, the MCA has devoted a significant amount of time and resources to concerns about the severe negative impacts on the Minaki area and its water of the proposal by Bob Banman and Bob Schinkel to redevelop the Minaki Lodge site as a seasonal condominium project to be called Minaki on the River.  Information on those concerns is available under the “Minaki Lodge” button on the home page.

In addition, the MCA has since its inception participated in the formulation and implementation of Provincial timbering plans, working cooperatively with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and private timber companies to steer the locations and practices of logging proposals away from sensitive places and times in the Minaki area.  Information on that activity is available under the “Forestry” button on the home page.

The MCA is a membership organization, with membership open to seasonal and year-round property owners, as described under the “Membership” button on the home page.  A board of directors and several officers elected by the members manage the association’s affairs.  The current directors and officers are the following:

Mark Engebretson President
Gord Mackay Treasurer
Liz Polakoff  Secretary
Garry Bolton
Wayne Bruce
Caroline Josephson
Sarah Murray
Jason Abbott
Peter Toni

David Hewlett is also a member of the board as past president.

Here are the association’s bylaws.