The Minaki Cottagers Association’s first initiative was the review of and comment on the ten-year forest management plan proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources for 2006 through 2015, with a focus on the first five year implementation.  That initiative was a major undertaking, but it established the “no see – no hear” principle for logging plans and practices in the Minaki area and established the MCA as a recognized participant in forestry management matters going forward.  Forestry consultant David Anderson advised the MCA in that effort.

In 2011, the MCA insisted that the “no see – no hear” values be included in a second five year implementation of the 2006 plan.  It also conducted an annual review on the ground of compliance of the actual cutting and road building with the requirements of the various plans.

The Comments on the 2013 Independent Forest Audit below contain a good summary of the MCA’s forestry activities and the outcomes to that point.  The March 2013 Inspection Report describes impacts of and some potential concerns with actual logging activities in the Big Sand and Vermillion Lake areas.

In 2016, the MCA worked with MNR on the next ten-year plan.  That plan so far includes two areas affecting Minaki — one near Pistol Lake and another around the entrance to Roughrock. The areas are shown on the map below.